Meet Mignon


Certified Face Yoga Method Teacher and Mindfulness Coach

Hi, my name is Mignon and I am a certified Face Yoga Method teacher and mindfulness coach accredited by Fumiko Takatsu, the founder and creator of The Face Yoga Method.


A few years ago, after spending 3 years working hard to build a soft toy pattern designing business and being over committed in other areas of life, I found my self burnout and struggling to find the motivation to do anything. I was depressed and desperately unhappy. Eventually I decided to completely pull out of everything and dedicate a year to rest and search for what it was I really wanted out of life. During this time I started looking after my health (spirit, soul/mind & body) and working with a physiotherapist to help resolve some issues I have had since my teens with my hips and lower back. 


Through this journey of healing, I learnt the benefits of working with a private coach. I also discovered Fumiko and The Face Yoga Method.  The thing I really love about the practice of Face Yoga is how it incorporates the principles I believe in - natural healthy skincare (minimal chemical use), exercise, mindfulness and a healthy lifestyle (natural whole foods, and the nurturing of spirit, soul and body). 


Face Yoga has also helped to increase my awareness of how I use the muscles of my face; where I am holding tension and the lifestyle habits that contribute to the premature ageing of my skin and muscles. It also has provided me with easily accessible solutions which have provided real results. For example, since starting Face Yoga, people have complemented me on my complexion for the first time after a life-time of struggling with acne and an oily complexion.

To adapt one of my favourite quotes, “everyone is beautiful, but not everyone sees it.” 

I would love to work with you, helping you to achieve a more toned and youthful appearance naturally through the practice of Face Yoga, as well as find self-love and acceptance for the uniquely beautiful individual you are.

Mignon 💝 

I have temporarily paused working with client while I do some further study. If you are interested in working with me let me know via the message board at the bottom of this page or email me at


Why Face Yoga?

I started looking after my health (spirit, soul/mind & body) and working with a physiotherapist to help resolve some issues I have had since my teens with my hips. A comment from my Physio at my last appointment with him got me thinking, “… maybe teaching others pilates is something I could do …”. So I started researching what was involved with becoming a pilates instructor and along the way, I discovered Fumiko Takatsu and The Face Yoga Method.

I found the whole concept and idea of The Face Yoga Method appealing. I love Fumiko’s energy and positive ageing message. I also love that Face Yoga is accessible to almost anyone regardless of age, gender, fitness level or even mobility. It can be done almost anywhere, anytime, with no equipment and you can start achieve amazing results in as little as 2 weeks.*


(*with daily practice in conjunction with lifestyle changes. Individual results will vary).

Why Bohemian?

So, you might be asking why call my business 'Bohemian' Face yoga?

The basic definition of 'Bohemian' is - something out of the ordinary or 'unconventional'.

Face yoga is a unique  and 'unconventional' approach to beauty. It defies the traditional beliefs that drooping cheeks and double chins are inevitable and unchangeable. But, as anyone who has tried it will tell you, these simple and easy to do poses can create amazing changes in your appearance in just a few weeks.


And yeah, I'm a little unconventional too.  It's not always obvious, but if you look carefully, you'll soon see it. 

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