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My journey with Face Yoga is still very much a 'work-in-progress'. But after only a few months, you can see improvements. 

One of the most significant changes has been the clarity & health of my skin. In the front-on after photo I have zero foundation, this for me is a very big step. In the past, I have never felt confident to have my photo taken without full makeup.

My face is also slimmer, my cheeks are lifting. Also my neck & chin area are more toned. There has also been a noticeable reduction of my Nasolabial folds as a result of my cheeks lifting.

Face Yoga has become apart of my daily body exercise routine as I 

continue to see improvements

every day.


The following images are just a few examples of what

can be achieved with regular daily Face Yoga practice.

Individual results will vary.


A Natural Eye Lift

In this image you can see the upper eye lids have been toned and lifted, especially at the inner corners. The under eye areas are also more toned & there are no more eye-bags.

The participants complexion & eyes are brighter.

Reverse a

Double Chin

In this example, you can see great improvement in the jaw line, chin & neck areas. The shape of the jaw is starting to become more defined, the double chin has been lifted & the neck is more toned.

The nasolabial folds have also been lifted, especially from the corners of the month to the jaw. The lower half of the face in general has been toned & lifted.


Natural Facelift

This is a great example of how you can achieve an overall lifting & toning of your face with Face Yoga.

Here we can see the eyes are more lifted & open as the upper eyelids have been toned. The cheeks are lifted, reducing the nasolabial folds & helping to bring more definition to the jawline. The nose is also slimmer.

Reverse Paralysis 

This is one of my favourite examples of what can be achieved with Face Yoga. 

Here you can see this Face Yoga student has been able to restore movement in paralysed facial muscles after suffering from Bell's Palsy in just 5 weeks, & also restoring symmetry to her face.

While Face Yoga has been shown to help improve facial paralysis in people who have suffered conditions such as Belly's Palsy & stroke, it is not guaranteed that it can help everyone. Results will vary from person to person & be dependent on a number of factors.

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Some of the images above are not my own, & therefore the participates featured are not my students.

All images have been used with permission, & copyright remains the property of the owners as noted in each image.