Welcome to Bohemian Face Yoga.

As an accredited 'Face Yoga Method' teacher and coach, I want to make the practice of face yoga accessible, enjoyable and an integral part of your life.

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Hi, I’m Mignon

A Certified 'Face Yoga Method' Teacher and Coach

I live on the beautiful Gold Coast, Australia. I have been fully accredited by Fumiko Takatsu, the founder and creator of The Face Yoga Method.

After spending a couple of years working with a physiotherapist to help resolve some problems I had struggling with since my teens, I learnt the value of working with a private coach.  Now I would like to work with you, helping you to realise the best version of yourself through the practice of Face Yoga.

Woman with Hand on Face

What is Face Yoga?

A Natural & Holistic Approach

To Life & Beauty.   

Face Yoga is the practice of simple yoga like poses and facial expressions designed to firm, tone, lift and relax the appropriately 60 muscles of the face and neck. When practiced consistently, the result is a more youthful appearance naturally without the need for injections and fillers.

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